SHIMANO TRIBAL TX-9 12FT 3.25LB T C – TX912325


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SHIMANO TRIBAL TX-9 12FT 3.25LB T C – TX912325

Tribal TX9 HPC300 plus biofibre with nano alloy technology – the latest in carbon fibre manufacturing. One of the thinnest yet most powerful blanks ever made. Fuji SiC K-Type guiding Shimano reel seat with beta light cut-out. Slim, full-length EVA handle improves throwing performance without compromising the playing action in the middle and in the tip. For a safe and secure Drill indispensable intensity model for extremely wide throws fabric case.

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Development of new fishing tackle of course entails technological development. At Shimano we have been committed to technological improvement in order to enhance basic performances and introduce innovative functions. We have found, however, that this approach is not sufficient. Instead of regarding fishing tackle as a mere tool to catch fish, we have begun to regard it as a tool to enjoy fishing.
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