Shimano Tribal Trench Gear Euro Cradle


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Shimano Tribal Trench Gear Euro Cradle

This Shimano Tribal Trench Gear Euro Cradle unhooking mat is equipped with a curved frame as an aid to easy lifting.
Furthermore, this model was also equipped with a Quick Fold design for very quick assembly and disassembly along with a fish friendly mesh cover.
The mat also has a padded boom for the safety of the fish.

Technical details:
Dimensions: 120 x 80 centimetres

With OCD, or Organized Compact Design, Shimano has created an innovative system for storage and organisation.
The OCD system includes, among other things, basic equipment pockets with the extra matching accessory bags, which can be combined with each other as needed.
With the OCD system from Shimano, you can put together the bags you need for each fishing trip.

Quick Fold Design for instant Setup/Breakdown time
Curved easy pick up and photo friendly frame
Stay wet summer safe mesh cover
Padded bags for fish safety

Price : £95.00

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Development of new fishing tackle of course entails technological development. At Shimano we have been committed to technological improvement in order to enhance basic performances and introduce innovative functions. We have found, however, that this approach is not sufficient. Instead of regarding fishing tackle as a mere tool to catch fish, we have begun to regard it as a tool to enjoy fishing.
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