Mainline High Impact Groundbait (Activated Cell Mix)


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Mainline High Impact Groundbait (Activated Cell Mix)

With groundbaits now making serious inroads into all forms of carp fishing we have developed a range of groundbaits to suit all situations. Far more than just an attractor, these groundbaits contain high quality food ingredients and will sustain rather just stimulate a feeding response. They can be used for carpet feed, Method fishing or carriers for particles and pellets and as an added extra for Stick mixes. Mainline High Impact Groundbait uses a combination of crushed particles, various nuts and a selection of active enhancers and stimulants. The resulting mix is highly attractive and extremely effective, giving rapid dispersion of attractors into the water column. 2kg buckets available in: Activated Link (Available 2018) Activated Essential Cell Activated Belachan Black Activated Hybrid System Activated Cell Mix Activated Cloud9 Mix Activated Nut Mix Activated Fish Mix Activated Hemp Mix

Comprises of crushed particles & nuts
Packed full of active enhancers and stimulants
Highly attractive and extremely effective
Carriers for particles and pellets

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