Mainline High Impact Boilies 1kg (15mm, Diamond Whites)


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Mainline High Impact Boilies 1kg (15mm, Diamond Whites)

Mainline’s High Impact range of shelf life boilies offer the modern-day angler a complete food source bait of the highest calibre.
Combining our experience and research of high-quality base-mix ingredients with our latest and most exclusive liquid additives – these boilies simply breathe excellence in forming a complete food source bait.
Packaged in our new 1kg and 3kg ‘re-sealable’ bags to maintain freshness there are eight flavours available in sizes 15mm and 20mm:
Salty Squid
Essential IB
Spicy Crab
High Leakage Pineapple
Diamond Whites

Eight Flavours
2 Sizes 15mm + 20mm
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