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Mainline Bait Sprays

The NEW Mainline Bait Sprays have been developed to provide an instant boost of attraction and increased the level of flavour diffusion from spraying hookbaits, boilies, pellets and other bait presentations Utilising the exclusive and proven list of flavour blends, sweeteners and liquid attractors used within the Hi-Visual pop-up range we have been able to create a range of Bait Sprays to enhance your hookbait presentation. The choice of flavour labels match our popular range of Hi-Visual pop-ups perfectly but are suitable for any bait where an instant boost of attraction is desired.

Increased level of flavour diffusion
Proven list of flavour blends
Suitable for any bait where an instant boost of attraction is desired
50ml bottle

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Mainline Bait

Mainline Products. Boilies, Base Mixes, Flavours and Additives, Pellets, Groundbaits, Particles, Liquids and of course an extensive range of Hookbaits to match!
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