Korda Nanny Pat Hat


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Korda Nanny Pat Hat

When Korda’s Jon Mann turned up on the bank after one Christmas sporting a bespoke hat knitted by his Nanny Pat the team fell about laughing. However, the tables turned when the rest of the team sat shivering in their bedchairs whilst Jon took countless takes. The team sat up, took note, and the next day they set to work trying to replicate Nanny Pat’s excellent design. After a little colour modification, to keep the hat in line with Korda’s classic green and black colour scheme, the design was complete. To pay its respects to the original designer, Korda decided to name this hat the Nanny Pat Hat.

  • Striking Korda colours,
  • Subtle Korda branding on the side of the hat,
  • Soft and comfortable woollen material
  • Pom on the top for extra warmth

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