Korda Carp Fishing NEW SUBline Ultra Tough Sinking Mono


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Korda Carp Fishing NEW SUBline Ultra Tough Sinking Mono

Korda Subline Ultra Tough 1000 m carp cord: the Korda SUBline Carp Twine has been specially developed by the carp team Korda to meet all requirements in extreme fishing situations in carp fishing. We’ve been testing carp cords in our lab for years, and the Korda Subline has outperformed everything else in terms of abrasion resistance and knot strength. The Korda carp line is now our first choice in thick weed, obstacles or sharp-edged and rough gravel banks.
With the help of the latest Korda Subline carp line extrusion technology, the Korda Subline is also very smooth and shows no signs of stiffness like a wire. This wire-like behaviour is very often found in super rugged cords.
In addition, we have incorporated a very special compacted material into the formula, which ensures that the cord sinks very well.

Abrasion-proof line for carp fishing.
Good fishing line for any situation when carp fishing.

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