JRC Radar Cx Bite Alarm Set 3+1


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JRC Radar Cx Bite Alarm Set 3+1

The new radar CX alarm is a mid price buzzer that sports all the attributes of a much higher priced system. Not many alarms can boast that they are designed, engineered and tested in the uk with features such as volume, tone, sensitivity, travelling LED, digitally amplified sound & receiver compatible yet is still affordable to the average angler

Travelling LEDs & 20 seconds latching LED
Stepless adjustable volume, tone, and sensitivity
Magneto- dynamic speaker with digital amplifier for superior sound quality
Range of 150m+, low battery warning and rubber inserts to stop rods sliding.

Price : £139.99

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Founded in Hatfield Peverel, Essex in 1992 by David Rudin, William Jelbart, Jeffrey Powell and John Campbell, JRC product Ltd. initially offered practical, reliable bedchairs.
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