Gardner Fluoro Dissolving Foam – FDF


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Gardner Fluoro Dissolving Foam – FDF

Fluoro Dissolving Foam nuggets have a multitude of uses including protecting hook points in weed or snags, showing the position of a rig after casting, preventing hairs tangling when cast, etc. Dissolving Rig Foam can also be used to pack open ended spods to prevent loss of dry baits like pellet during long cast.

  • Quick dissolving fluro PVA foam
  •  Floating foam nuggets
  •  Protects your hook point
  •  Shows the position of your cast rig
  •  Prevents tangles
  •  Large resealable slider bag
  •  Biodegradable foam
  •  Net weight approx 50g of foam

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Gardner Tackle

Gardner Tackle has been manufacturing quality carp fishing and specialist fishing tackle for 40 years. Founded in 1980 and as one of the original carp tackle companies we have been at the head of carp angling innovation and design.


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