Fox Edges downrigger back leads (21g/43g)


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Fox Edges downrigger back leads (21g/43g)

Fox Edges downrigger back leads are designed to keep the mainline pinned down, close to the lakebed where it cannot be seen or picked up by the carp. the weight attaches to the line by a clip and slides down to rest on the lakebed. in the event of it becoming trapped in weed or snags, it will pull free, putting the angler back in direct contact with the fish. available in 3/4 ounce for general use and 1.5 ounce for use with tight lines.

Back leads to lower the cord
Weight: optionally 21 g or 43 g
Colour: brown / black speckled
Pack of 3

Price : £5.99

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Fox International has a long heritage built on innovative, high quality performance products that have been designed by anglers for anglers and it is this ethos that will see the company continue to supply the products that our customers require and to the exacting standards that they expect of the team here at Fox...
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