Delkim ES Indication Sets


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Delkim ES Indication Sets

Integral LED, flashing, latching &nightmarking
No batteries required, connects to Delkim Plus Alarm
Integral magnetic ball clip, self adjusting, non twist
Stays on the line until the strike
Smooth strike release, no snatching &over tightening
CatFlex cable assembly, hangs &flexes like a chain
Compatible with Delkim D-Stak weights
Use free hanging or attached to ES DuoCarb
Available in 6 colours
Stabilises ES NiteLite Pro
Extra slim, feather light, solid carbon fibre arms
Connects to supplied base or direct to D-Lok
Ideal for slack lining, can hang almost vertically

Price : £32.49

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Our unique Piezo Vibration Sensing revolutionised Carp Fishing Bite Alarms when it was first introduced in 1992. Our bite alarms are world famous and unsurpassed for controlled sensitivity, micro adjustment and, above all, reliable bite indication. With the release of the fully digital Txi-D and Rx-D we have now made the best even better.
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