Cult Tackle Ranger Pro Lithium GPS + Deluxe Boat Bag NEW Carp Fishing Bait Boat


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Cult Tackle Ranger Pro Lithium GPS + Deluxe Boat Bag NEW Carp Fishing Bait Boat

The Cult Ranger is the perfect sized boat for both UK and continental carping. With a bait capacity of around 3kg and the possibility to use the boat in single or dual hopper configurations, we believe this is the most flexible design on the market. Using the boat in single hopper mode allows the bait and rig to be deposited in the traditional manner. However by switching to dual hopper mode the rig and bait can be dropped independently from one another opening up many more presentation options for the thinking angler. Alternatively two rigs can be taken out at once. One in each hopper.
There is also a back lead release pin which can be used to drop a flying backlead before reaching the spot, meaning the Ranger can guarantee perfect presentation every time. This can also be used to drop the rig separately to the hoppers by placing the hook into the release pin instead of a backlead.
The 5.8GHz radio system guarantees fault free performance in even the toughest conditions. Cult boats are the first boats in the UK to operate on this frequency. By utilising this technology the boat is completely isolated from radio interference meaning no matter how many other boats are on the pond, you will not suffer from a drop in performance. This is due to the fact that every boat operates on a completely unique channel.
Fully sealed when the battery covers are in place, the boat is virtually unsinkable, trust us, we have tried! This means even when the weather is against you, you can get those rigs back out there straight away, confident your boat is up to the task.
Supplied with LION batteries which increase the boats run time to 5 hours plus in the right conditions.
Full GPS Autopilot makes finding those spots a breeze, even in the pitch black. Fishing a small hole in the weed? Struggling to find a suitable far bank marker? Got a run in the middle of the night and need to get the rig back on the spot? Easy! Just select the spot from the memory on the transmitter and off the boat goes. When combined with one of the optional fishfinders you can be 100% certain you are back on the exact same spot time after time. The GPS is so accurate we have managed to fish three rods on the same spot during testing and get them re-placed after dark perfectly, first time, every time.
Once you’ve dropped the rig, call the boat home and your hands are free to set the indicators then prepare the next rod. By saving you time and making your rig placement perfectly accurate you can spend more time by the water angling effectively. No more constant adjustment of boat trims and struggling to drive a boat back in a big crosswind. Just engage autopilot and let the boat do the work.
As well as the Autopilot function, the Ranger has an inbuilt safety return. If the batteries become critically low or signal is lost it will return to the handset location. No more swimming to rescue a lost boat or waiting for it to drift in on the wind.
Ready to go straight out of the box, the boat comes with a specially designed carry bag, all chargers and simple to follow instructions.
Reliable, flexible, ideally sized and lightweight. The Ranger is guaranteed to put more carp on the bank for you. Take the guesswork away. Join the Cult.
– Pre-treated circuit board to prevent water / moisture damage
– Battery covers held in place by powerful magnets, fully sealed but easy to remove.
– Strong magnetic shutter on hopper doors
– 5.8GHz technology (first boat in the world!)
– Prefabricated for Fishfinder, very easy to install yourself (5mins)
– Extremely accurate GPS AUTOPILOT available at an affordable price!
-Easy to use, no need for complex calibration of GPS. Just save the swim as “Home” and select the spot you wish to send the boat to from the handset.
Brief Specifications GPS AUTOPILOT:
– Possibility to save 21 spots including HOME
– Boat can automatically sail from SPOT to SPOT
– Calculates (from reading on hand transmitter) the effective distance from HOME to target SPOT
– Displays latitude and longitude
– Boat will return automatically (after 10 seconds) in case your hand transmitter drops back to HOME, even if HOME has not been programmed. Even if the boat voltage is too low, the boat returns.
– 5.8 GHz does not interfere with other devices (GPS and Fishfinder)
Specifications Ranger:
– 4 channel transmitter digital 5.8 GHz!
– Equipped with GPS AUTOPILOT
– Equipped with LION batteries
– Low battery alarm can be manually set from handset.
– 2x LION batteries
– 4x NI-MH 1500mAH 1.2V rechargeable batteries for the hand transmitter
– 12v charger for LION batteries
– 1.2v 300mAH charger for the hand transmitter
– Green carrying case
– L x W x H 58cm x 37.8cm x 26cm
– 5.5kg including LION batteries
– Speed 100 meter per minute without weedguard, 60meter with weedguard
– Feeding capacity: 3 kg plus
– 2 maintenance-free propellers, protected by 2 weedgards.
– Speed ​​100 meter per minute without weedguard, 60meter with weedguard
– Runtime for continuous use: 4+ hours
– 3 white LED lights for navigation one of which has is extra bright (Can be turned on and off independently), 2 red LEDs on rear.
– 1 LED battery indicator (red / yellow / green)
– 1 independent hook / backlead release
– Range 400 – 600 meters
Cult Tackle – DPM Deluxe Boat Bag CUL01
The Cult Tackle DPM Deluxe Boat Bag Set is carefully designed with a hard wearing 600D DPM material, with anglers in mind and allows the accommodation for most standard size bait boats such as: Cult Ranger, Waverunner Sport, Atom and shuttle, as well as many more (listed below). The spacious internal section (measuring 60cm x 38cm x 20cm) is formed with a 4mm thick foam padding throughout. This provides a protective surrounding wall to ensure your expensive boat is always protected.
The top of the bag is always secured down with the use of 2 heavy duty zips, with large Cult branded zip pullers to ensure easy access. Two spacious end pockets (one either end), make up the rest of the Boat Bag, providing extra spaces for any additional extra items you may wish to carry such as batteries, chargers, solar panels etc. In addition to this, the bag features a large zip pouch on the top section which can safely house aerials, leads etc. The bag is finished off with 4 ergonomic, neoprene carry handles for easy transportation.
The Boat Bag also comes complete with a Boat Protection Mat (also sold separately).
Fits numerous standard size bait boats (listed below).
Four ergonomic, strong neoprene carry handles for easy transport.
Strong, hardwearing and wipe clean PVC waterproof base.
Thick 4mm Foam Padding throughout.
Heavy duty box stitching.
Dimensions (external including pockets) : 75cm x 40cm x 23cm
Dimensions (internal): 60cm x 38cm x 20cm

Price :£ 1,349.99

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Cult Tackle

The company was originally formed focussed on our unique Ranger bait boats and accessories.  These incorporate the latest in technology and innovation as well as international patents.  There are 3 models available from the entry level Lead battery boat to LION Lithium and our Pro GPS & Auto Pilot versions.  There really is something to cover everyone’s requirements and budgets.  All 3 models are compatible with fish finders and a range of other accessories available from Cult Tackle.