Kevin Nash NEW 2014 Carp Fishing Tackle SNEAKY PEEK – Scope Airlite Siren Bite Alarms Titan

Let carp fishing tackle innovator Kevin Nash take you around the Nash Tackle 2014 Trade Show and reveal the hot new products coming in 2014. Check it out! Stay up to date with all our new products, news and updates on the links below!
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16 Responses

  1. Taco Ham says:

    love the nash gear i have brolly overwarp more then 20 years old and still
    waterproof keep the good work up Nash !!

  2. Paul Mills says:

    Dudes, id recommends those scope rods especially in 2.75lb and 3lb, in fact
    I like all the nash gear, its stylish and rugged, only downside is the
    bivvies, NO SEWN IN GROUND SHEET FFS, it’s not that I’m bothered about
    mice, rats, beetles or ants getting in, well yeah I am lol that’s why I’ve
    got the fox euro easy dome 🙂 

  3. BarmyTwubble says:

    What a stupid comment 1hateeverything made. I mean what do you want? Its
    always going to same old, only new designs and logos and names. A bivvy is
    a bloody bivvy, a rod is a rod, a reel is a reel, theres not much to change
    other than tweak the odd bit here and there. Stop whining and get back to
    your roach fishng :o)

  4. Can’t wait to see more of the indicator range :)

  5. Andrew Reece says:

    Will do wite cup of t lol kevin

  6. Kevin Nash NEW 2014 Carp Fishing Tackle SNEAKY PEEK – Scope Airlite Siren
    Bite Alarms Titan

  7. Kevin Nash products are the best there is. Big Fan!

  8. carl taylor says:

    Here we have propa tackle I can’t bring my self to use anything else but
    nash lol and I cant watch any other channle ether love it

  9. Billy Close says:

    the best gear in the world i use nash only

  10. Gracie1504 says:

    Apart from me rods and alarms but will be getting Those lol

  11. Nothing new I can see , same old , But please keep it up so all last years
    stuff is worth less and the year before , so I buy that stuff for a song ,
    rs1s are shit give random ghost runs same as delks over priced just to pay
    for there private pools.

  12. Loving the way you are still thinking about what we want Kev….Nash kit is
    the best by far in my opinion….

  13. maxime jacob says:

    Manque encore les sous-titres en français. merci a Nash pour ses très bon

  14. Gracie1504 says:

    All my gear Is nash quality design and strength

  15. Looks like you have some great new stuff coming out and I can’t wait to use
    them 🙂

  16. ThePorkyneb says:

    I would love to sit and have a cuppa with the legend you and Alan Blair

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