The COG – Underwater Footage Part 1

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6 Responses

  1. Utterli247 says:

    The professionel way to support environmental pollution. You are using
    unhooking mats or the carp care kit to simulate a carefull angler but
    doesnt care about loosing tons of lead in the lakes! Shame on you! Everyone
    knows that lead is toxic, nobody wants to use painting color based of lead
    or wants that his freshwater runs through tubes made of lead BUT its
    obviously very usefull to fill our lakes with lead! Thats the right way
    Korda! When did you stop thinking about your thinking tackle?????

  2. Drużyna Łowców says:

    awsome :)

  3. danny fairarse says:

    Bring on the holy cog

  4. Christian Reese says:

    Oh oh oh ! Lach 

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