Nash Scope Concept Rods and Net 9′, 10′, 2.75lb and 3lb




Nash Scope Concept Rods and Net 9', 10', 2.75lb and 3lb

Kevin Nash has come up with what we think is the most block busting concept in rod design for decades. Scope rods feature a retractable butt section, enabling the overall pack down length of your rod to be reduced to the minimum with no detriment to the action of the rod.

From this innovative idea, Kevin then experimented with rod lengths, and this is where it got really interesting as he discovered that reducing the length of a carp rod to 9ft made it a dream to use in all situations except at extreme range - and note, we mean extreme range, as our casting king Terry Edmonds has put a lead over 170 yards with a 9ft Scope.

Scope Rods are ultra-light, further enhanced by utilising the incredible new SS304 rings. Available in two lengths, the more radical 9ft and the traditional length of 10ft - the length Richard Walker chose for the legendary MK4 carp rod.

With its retractable butt innovation this provides a pack down size of 44ins for a 9ft Scope and 50ins for the 10ft Scope, enabling the angler to carry the most compact kit ever designed for carp fishing.

Kevin has also designed the most awesome landing net to compliment the range
The Scope landing net features a telescopic lockable pole, retracting to a miniscule 44² (111CM) but extending to a very useful 6ft 10² (207CM)

The Scope concept is the ultimate in mobility for the focussed active carp angler

Rods available in 9' 2.75lb, 9' 3lb, 10' 2.75lb and 10'3lb

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