Nash New Zig Juice Bait Attractor



Nash New Zig Juice Bait Attractor
Having demonstrated beyond any shadow of doubt the efficacy of Nash Zig Bugs it was only a matter of time before Nash would want to improve upon the catch-rate: an irresistible attractor was sought! It needed to be effective year-round and as instantly attractive as possible. In time, a range of feed-inducing blends was established through much field-testing by Nash consultants and Kevin Nash himself. There's 'Beetle': a potent mixture of fishy blends; 'Nectar': a sweet, long-lasting enhancer-juice with fruity notes (an absolute blinder in colder weather); 'Shrimp': a natural fish extract with free amino acids that drives fish potty and, finally, 'Tadpole': a spring' turn-on' when fish might be harvesting frog spawn or tadpoles. Nash Zig Juice is the natural way to enhance the allure of your Nash Zig Critters. Supplied in handy 30ml atomiser bottles of potent fish attractors, the four Nash Zig Juice flavours are sure to draw-in the fish. Nash recommends Zig Juice for flavouring real hook-baits too and suggests keeping a couple of Critters in the bottle to soak.Utilizes the most potent fish attractors
Instant attraction through water column
Handy 30ml atomiser bottle

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