Nash Monster Carp Zip Sack (Safety System)



Nash Monster Carp Zip Sack (Safety System)

The Nash Zip Sack is made from the original airflow material that Kevin Nash identified for its superior oxygen exchange and dark environment to keep a carp calm and stress free.
The airflow nylon features punched holes to maximise speedy drainage when lifting the sack out of the water, this airflow material is far superior to cheap mesh sacks. A special heavy-duty zip ensures security and ease of opening/closing. A heavy-duty ring is located at the zip closure to which is attached a 4 metre retaining cord for securing the sack to your bankstick etc. At the other end is an additional ring to clip on the safety cord and float.

This Nash Zip Sack (Safety System) is the first to incorporate a florescent orange float to ensure that should the sack break lose from its retaining cord, the carp can be safely found and recovered.

NOTE: Kevin Nash developed this system after experiences in France where muskrats were chewing through carp sack retaining cords. To avoid this happening to you with the sickening result of a lost carp entombed in a sack, we recommend that you always use Nash Zip Zack (Safety System).

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