Fox Micron MX+ Bite Alarm



Fox Micron MX+ Bite Alarm
Bite alarms have long been a bankside staple for the committed carp angler. Not only do they allow you to fish through the night with the confidence that you'll wake should you get a midnight take but they also enable you to judge a take with greater confidence, too. This is why you'll find bite alarms are a key component of many anglers arsenals and you'll struggle to find an angler on the bank who hasn't got their rods hooked up to a bite alarm and bite indicator combination. However, many modern bite alarms can be very expensive, especially if you're an angler who likes to fish with a three rod setup and, as such, requires three bite alarms. This is why, when the Fox team sat down to design the Fox brand bite alarm, one of the key considerations was the price of the alarm, along with the quality. This is why you'll find that this bite alarm offers exceptional value for money, as well as a faultless performance on the bank. The Fox Micron MX+ Alarm has been modelled on the styling and design of the original Fox Micron. As such, it boasts many of the features that you will have enjoyed form the original and if you've been a proud Micron owner since day one then you'll already know your way around many of the elements of this alarm. However, there are a number of key improvements the Fox has made to ensure this alarm outperforms anything they have released to this date. The thing you'll notice is that the Micron MX+ Alarm has the same cone speaker as the original alarm. This gives a crisp and clear sound, which is easily identifiable on the bank. A raised 5mm front LED, in blue rather than the traditional red, provides clear visual indication of a take, too, should you have the alarm set to silent. Front rotational knobs allow for the quick and easy adjustment of tone and volume, enabling you to manipulate your alarm not only to your own personal preferences but also to the needs of the bank. Rubber ear inlays prevent slippage, too.2 x AAA batteries
Blue 5mm LED
2 stage sensitivity
Cone speaker for enhanced sound quality
Indexed pot tone adjustment knob

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