Aqua Products Aquatexx Car Boot Liner

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Aqua Products Aquatexx Car Boot Liner

Ever wondered why you spend so much time cleaning your car and less time fishing well here is the answer to all your prayers, we have designed a simple boot liner that protects the interior of your car, simply put this Aquatexx liner looks great in Aqua green, while preventing muddy barrow wheels and bed chair feet from soiling the seats and carpets of your vehicle, being Aquatexx it prevents minor spills from reaching the carpets and can be washed easily between sessions, its ample size to suit the floor space in most modern hatch back and estate cars and it features a a flap that has multiple uses to protect rear seat when raised in a hatch back, or it can flap over the bumper to prevent scratches while loading and unloading, the flap can also be removed and used as a matt to place on the ground when changing from your boots to your driving shoes.

• Performance grade Aquatexx
• Polycotton Quilted lining
• Detachable multiple use flap
• Fits most modern hatchback and estate cars
• Dimensions: 1800mm x 1100mm (excluding flap)

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